A small tuck shop (kiosk) in rural KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa was serving as a makeshift crèche (kinder garten) for 41 children. The tuck shop was not suitable for the children. They had to stay inside a small room with small, broken windows. Outside the little room, three volunteers were trying to cook for them and take care of them, but the situation was desperate. There were no toilet facilities in the tuck shop, so they had to manage as best they could.

Two failed attempts at building a new crèche

They tried twice to build a proper crèche but both attempts failed. The first time they tried using bricks made of mud but the structure collapsed early on during construction:

The bricks were made of mud and the structure collapsed during construction.

The second time, they managed to source proper bricks, but the structure still didn’t hold. It crumbled during strong winds while it was still under construction.

After the two failed attempts at building a crèche, they were left hopeless and with nowhere else to stay but the old tuck shop.

We pledged to help them build a proper crèche and toilets for the children.

AVA decided to raise money to build a larger, safer and durable crèche. The children needed a place to be during the day so that the single mothers raising them could have a chance at going to school and getting jobs.

Finally success!

In late August 2020, the crèche was finally completed in collaboration with the Impande Foundation. The new structure is strong and durable. It will provide a safe environment for the children of Dayimani for many years to come.

Formal opening

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