Southern Africa is so rich in talent and creativity – the human resources are tremendous. We are lucky to have found some of them! They make beautiful artworks for our charity.


Wina is the mother of two and grandmother of two. She takes care of her son and two grandchildren in a small suburb of Durban in South Africa. She has been working with fabrics for 11 years and has helped us make purses, aprons and serviettes.


Philip is the father of three children. He came to South Africa to make money to care for them. Away from home, he sends monthly transfers to his wife and children home in Zimbabwe.


Farira is the mother of three and grandmother of seven. She takes care of two of her grandchildren now. She has worked on and off with fabrics for many years and has helped us make purses, aprons and serviettes.


Kim is the mother of one and a free spirited gypsy bohemian wench and a kickass creative fashion designer. Born in Zambia, she has traveled the world but always comes back to where her heart belongs in Africa. She works in the heart of Durban, building bridges between fashions of different worlds.


Natalie is born in Zimbabwe and later came to South Africa. She is an avid contributor in the community through her church. Drawing her inspiration from the traditional shweshwe, she feels that the fabrics represent the colourful Rainbow Nation. She is the passionate creator of all our pillow cases.

Winter Rose

Winter Rose is a passionate entrepreneur wanting to design and make clothes and apparel. She has been selected for our business starter programme.

Nicky and her girls

Nicky is a nurse who has dedicated herself to helping women who have become victims of prostitution. To give them an alternative livelihood, she teaches them how to do beadwork and tries to find clients to buy their products.